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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New Options for adding to UpSave

There are now two options for the "Add to UpSave" bookmarklet button.
You can choose to either have the add bookmark page open in a new window (like it currently does) or it can open in the current browser window you are using.

Since popup blockers are increasingly becoming more and more popular having the add bookmark form always open in a new window can be annoying for some so now you can just choose to have it open in the regular browser window.

In order to choose which one you would like (and to add the "Add to UpSave" bookmarklet button to your browser) just login to your UpSave account and go to the "Tools" page.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Search UpSave Bookmarks with DQSD

Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (DQSD) is an excellent free search tool that sits in your taskbar and lets you quickly and easily search many different sites.

Now you can search your UpSave bookmarks directly from your Windows Explorer Taskbar by using DQSD.

For more information go to the UpSave Dave's Quick Search Deskbar search page (or login to your UpSave account and go to the "Tools" page).

Friday, December 05, 2003

Import/Export Bookmarks Improved

Importing your browser's bookmarks to your UpSave account and exporting your UpSave bookmarks to your browser has been improved.

You no longer need to download the bookmark file and then manually export the bookmarks into Internet Explorer's Favorites and the number of clicks that it takes in order import/export has been reduced.

Exporting UpSave Bookmarks To Your Browser

In order to export your UpSave bookmarks to your browser login to your UpSave account and go to the Tools Page.
Next click on "Export UpSave bookmarks to Explorer Favorites" and you will see a popup that asks if you want to import your favorites.
Click "Yes" and your UpSave bookmarks will automatically be exported into your browser's favorites (and synchronized with the bookmarks that you already have stored there).

Importing Explorer Favorites To Your UpSave Account

In order to import the bookmarks that you have saved in your browser click on "Import Explorer Favorites to your UpSave account" (also from the Tools Page) (and click "Yes" when asked if you want to export your favorites) and your IE favorites will be uploaded to your UpSave account.

That's it, in only one click you can synchronize your UpSave account with the favorites that you have stored in Internet Explorer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

If you haven't noticed yet: there is a new logo for!

Actually there are two new logos: the main logo that you can see at the top left of each page of the site and a small logo for the UpSave Quick Links.

Here are the two new logos:

Thanks to all the people at Lunarforums who gave some tips and suggestions for creating the logos.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003 is moving to a new server!
And you all know what that means: no more annoying popups!!!

Just in case you didn't get that point: no more pop-ups in UpSave!.
Good riddance....

Aside from that, the new server is much better so as soon as everything is running ok on it you'll start noticing other improvements with UpSave.

The web host that was selected for UpSave is LunarPages.

Monday, October 28, 2002

New UpSave Feature: Remember Me

You can now login automatically to your UpSave account whenever you arrive to, without the hassle of entering your user name and password.

All you have to do is check the "Remember Me" checkbox in the login form.
The next time you arrive to you'll automatically be redirected to your UpSave account.

You can easily stop the automatic login by signing out of your account (just hit "Sign Out").
To change your Remember Me settings from within your UpSave account go to the User Profile Page.

If you share your computer then you probably don't want to use the Remember Me feature.

Monday, October 07, 2002

The UpSave Online Store Is Open

Showoff that you're an UpSave user (and help promote UpSave) by picking up some UpSave Gear.

We know that the prices aren't the cheapest in the world, but they're the cheapest we could get (we aren't making any money off either UpSave or any of the UpSave Gear).

At least take a look (and tell us what you think)...

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